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The High Lakes Leadership program has been created to develop informed, involved and concerned local leaders active in Union County. If you have been nominated for the High Lakes Leadership Initiative, or have elected to directly apply, you must now complete the application form (see below). The deadline for submitting your application is November 1. A selection committee comprised of the High Lakes Leadership Initiative Board of Directors will review and select individuals for the next class year. Individuals are notified of their acceptance in early November. Applicants not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

To assist in the application process, follow these five simple directions:

STEP 1: General Information - We need your basic contact information, including your email address. Please note that all items with and asterisk (*) are required fields.

STEP 2: Employment Information- This section addresses your current employment information and business sector experience. Answer some short questions about your position and company/organization.

STEP 3: Previous Employer(s)- This section is not required but provides an opportunity to share your past experience and proficiencies.

STEP 4: References - Three references are required for this application. Select individuals whom you have worked with, participated together in civic roles, or others who may provide a positive recommendation. Please do not include family members.

STEP 5: Essay Questions - Your responses to these questions are an opportunity to share more about you and your interests, ideas, contributions, etc. Take time to consider each answer, as well as to ensure correct spelling. It may be beneficial for your to type your responses in a word document and then cut and paste into the application. In addition, take though to how you can best convey your message in both a concise and substantial way.

What's Next? - As noted above, applicants will be selected in early November. The goal of the selection process is to create a balanced, yet diverse group of individuals based on their professions, civic involvement and overall experiences. As a result, much deliberation and time is committed to ensure a complementary group of qualified candidates. We strongly encourage you to reapply if not initially selected. The $250 tuition fee is due upon notification of acceptance. If you have questions about the High Lakes Leadership program or need assistance with the online application, please contact Wayne Pantini at (641) 782-2003 or



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